a week of muchness

patterns on the morning table
remind me of where my thoughts
 traveled this summer
(which is now waning.
morning temperatures in the high 40's.
and heavy dewfall.)
i play patterning paper into spheres.
 there has been so much rain
 and the babies are so big now.
 and below,
some useful and beautiful plants
goldenrod, canada thistle
 and these are the indoor doings:
i had the incredible honor of this gift,
 margaret sent me a piece of beautiful shifu
woven by sadako sakurai
a piece that i held in my hands earlier this summer
in seattle.
she also sent some reading, 
articles i'd perhaps once seen, but had forgotten.
an astonishing package, and
so welcome!

 and i found i actually had this catalog
hidden away in my studio shelves! 
 see the paper here, 
thread and the small rice seed 
where the sadako spun around the corner (so to speak)
 my 4 selvedge shifu echoes this,
so different, 
like a country bumpkin cousin
  i now have enough pages here
spun from kozo account book paper
for a japanese stab bound book,
and a few wee squares
left over.
 i've been spinning
 AND i discovered this woman's work!
i'd heard this summer that i should see a show of sarah's work.
i wish i had. she's written two zines
full of comics and fiber,
you'll learn a lot and be delighted.
i promise.
more news this week includes me acquiring a parking sticker
at st lawrence university
where i'll be teaching book arts this fall.
and a slew of slu meetings
but next week: class begins. 
this is going to be a semester of possibility,
we have sophomores, and adults and a printmaker and me teaching.
i'm expecting to be challenged and have some real fun!
and i've spruced up my website a little bit:
it's still a work in progress, though.