stars and fiber

this came home with my partner
delicious and beautiful
supper was fresh sweet corn on the cob
amazing bread
and garden salad lettuces
at Zone 4 
the paper mill at SLU
the papermaking continues.
(today i begin teaching papermaking and book arts 
and next week
peace paper comes to visit)
a small test sheet.
linen rag,
a FLAX suit
turned into pulp after three or so hours of beating!
the color is quieter than the original cloth
which was a tan with a pink tone that i found rather off.
here is the sheet with the original cloth
the sickly pink tone is gone now
to this base pulp i added
retention aid and 
caput mortuum (dead head)
earth pigment from Melbourne Printmaking Supply. 
close up 
and full size.
it's a small sheet, still damp here,
 but has possibilities.
since i have 3 buckets of this linen
i'll be coloring some more
for, hopefully, a book.
and finally
barry smith sent me leaves of peace to share
the word
peace star echoes the bread star
bread and peace.