worlds turn

this morning i was reminded again
of beauty,
and human doings.
it's rained so much here
and where i was out west, not enough.
not enough and forest fires
i am feeling normal and fit now
i can lift pulp-filled buckets again.
 this sign placed by my new amish neighbors has a subscript:
no sunday sales
 the semintals look on
  i love her piebald face hiding behind goldenrod
her tiny whiskers sunlit
 on cattle

 here's their pasture
with all the things:
woodhenge, signage, machinery, 
that woodsy area on the right borders my place
 across the road is their old stripey barn
 robin's eggshell on my drive
 this week i printed
made paper
(paper photos to come)
 these were pretty fine
 and the pot is fine, too
 terra enamel diaper pot.
sort that one out for fun!