semester winds down. or up.

i didn't see these until sometime mid-fall
small messages
surprises hidden in doorways.
activism in little ways.
the students are so beautiful in their inquisitiveness, interesting and unique.
for their response to writing piece their work was as varied as possible.
below is a hand felted vovelle book with a secret pocket that holds one word
from the assigned text.
little details like these really help this book shine
this was an ambitious project, 
that combined several skills she learned in the various projects we taught.
see the felted buttons for the closure? 
the delicacy of images and papercutting in this book surprises the reader.
and below, 
those fish swim connected.
 next to that is a box full of runes and spells with no easily understood key.
books in cases are very hard to present well
are even hard to see when you stand right in front of them.
books are meant to be held or at least touched when perused.

for those of you who asked for a soapstone creature,
thank you. 
i was surprised that so many people asked for one, 
i had to turn some folks down.
the selkie remains, if anyone needs her. 
she's sort of in the middle, with a long resting tail.
she has spots.
i participated in the indigo (ai) project
coordinated by rowland ricketts.
and sent off my sun-washed cloth yesterday.
it will go back to japan
and i'm not quite sure what's next, 
but then my head is fuzzy.
japanese envelopes feel very fragile to me.
got a little something from shanna leino
and some very interesting papers came from my dear friend carol
who sends me tidbits for my students.
she has thought several times of ways to inspire them.
my co-teacher melissa and i are continually surprised by them;
by hearing that they think the class needs to be two semesters long.
i've enjoyed being an adjunct professor this fall, 
and am eager to do this sort of thing again. 
it does look like i have a papermaking class scheduled for next fall,
and in between some workshops (including PBI).
i woke up with a cold wednesday morning and was worried 
that i wouldn't feel like teaching. 
i feel worse today, which means i'll be better by monday.
sadly i have to miss dancing tonight
to radio bob's band...
oh, and,
there's lots of snow, south and east of us. 
we have an inch or so.