back and forth

the buddhist monk's chest holds a bunch of stuff
it's a constantly evolving surface filled with things i love.
and now there's a winged being
from aimee.
 i was away in toronto
and just before i left rudy and the boys 
brought over the lumber for my roof.

there has been some snow, 
and wind, too,
but they did work on the roof one day while i was away.
these guys tried hard to get this done
 but this crazy on and off winter has had its way 
 with the best laid plans.
 so a dark green metal will soon grace this old place.
feeling like i can get things done:
yesterday i walked three miles and then sat myself down
with h & r block and my mac
and got the damned taxes done.
up till midnight with that, but oh! it's done.
this morning i repaired my laundry basket.
 the handles had moved from functional to, 
 now they'll do for a bit.

 february is such a strange month,
short but cold,
there's a little shrine on my cupboard.
(shanna leino heart)
 and jack frost is busy 
painting frosty fern shapes
on my old storm door windows.