below zero again

the view on that really cold saturday.
see the solar panels? they cranked away, 
so the woodstove's morning fire plus the solar gain from windows
kept the house warm all day and through the night.
snow is about a foot deep.
stuff on the work table
 more experimenting

portable mess-making.
it seems to be what i do even though i think i'm organized,
see my old stump?
and the empty nalgene bottle, 
hydrate, hydrate.
 trails in the snow? 
 stitching holey indigo flax before burnishing.
indigo smudge
i probably had a bit too much pigment in the pulp, 
though the water seemed clear,
or almost.
upon reflection, that almost is the problem.
 crazy icicle growth
they are really curly
 on the 
weekend photos for you
and for dear wendy, who continues to move
back to good health.