i find things
some of them are totally unexpected.
papers-overlooked and left in the blotter sheets
money-dollars, but mostly change
jewelry-mostly my own, mostly earrings, mostly in weird places
like under the mailbox on the roadside
after the snow melted.
(see a pattern here?)
today i found both, an earring and a penny (tails)
i saw a glint of shiny in a dusty corner of my living room.
and when i touched the shiny it was a gold earring, next to a penny.
it looked staged.
i know what this is
found on a dried felt
i can't quite remember which alice, but alice
a little paper to identify alice's paper 
in a class.
flax kitchen papermaking continued this week.
my crazy drying set up on the counter
(which i was pleased to scrub off the indigo stain) 
and on top of the press?
the blotter sheets and a piece of flax i'd overlooked.
blotter sheets are old cotton letterhead 
Newton Falls Paper Mill.
 isn't it nicely dimpled from such strange drying?
 i found alice the same day i found two seed pods
that the thaw revealed.
my yard and the back meadow are still snow covered, 
a few spots of earth emerging.
 out walking 
i'm keyed into milkweed
 the stem has split and you can see how strong the bast is
as it holds the stem together
 soft gold inside the pod,
looking a bit like an abandoned wild silk cocoon,
 the snow retreating from edges on my neighbor's little barn,
 it was a beautiful sunny day
 and as snow melts i find other signs,
 and i found this photo over on facebook.
this is theTAFA group I taught shifu to last March.
their funding source required them to teach shifu to their community
which they just completed.
my wonderful host Wendy Warren (top, left,1st)
Sue Ferarri (top, 3rd from right), 
their teacher,
 this group was an amazing class.
I loved teaching in a small public school on a hill near the ocean,
these folks deserve a special shout out for their dedication to fiber art.
and no, 
the edition is not complete.