FLAX Notion finally for sale

many of you have been interested in this little edition. 
before i take it along with me to the Book Arts Bazaar
i would like to offer it to my online friends.
there are 7 only.
 some of you know the story already,
but here are the pages, the "text".

your copy will of course be signed.
i took the photos before i remembered to do that little chore. 

this is the separate colophon that accompanies the book.


Flax Notion is about a little love affair with flax.
These papers were pulled in the winter of 2017-18 by Velma Bolyard in her kitchen.
While most papermakers would snort at such foolishness, Velma found it easier to work at home, 
comfortably dressed and in Birkenstocks, than at the mill at SLU.
The cover is a heavy flax sheet, inner papers are a lighter weight.
This raw fiber flax was beaten in a Valley Beater for over an hour, 
and hauled home in yogurt quart jugs.
Papers were carefully pulled using Lee MacDonald moulds in a dishpan in the sink, 
pressed in my mill Wake Robin with the Aardvark Press,
 and carefully restraint dried utilizing old Newton Falls Paper Mill 
cotton letterhead paper for blotters, with lots more pressure from an old book press. 
Little papers were all stitched with beeswaxed linen thread which changed their ‘handle’, 
and stitched on pages so you can touch them.
The plain flax sheet was stitched with my handspun lokta kami-ito, 
the scarlet colored with a Japanese bengara ink stick and scarlet linen, 
the blue pigmented with Maiwa indigo and sewn with linen, 
and the gold with a mix of yellow and red ochers and gold linen. 
The three pigments used were obtained in Vancouver and Melbourne, 
and the changes in the flax paper from all that stitching is what this book is all about.
This tiny edition of 7 (and one for me) celebrates the wonderful snowy winter,
sensuous flax, 
and many, many stitches.

Velma Bolyard at Wake Robin Papers
North Russell NY

FLAX NOTION is available after the fair,
but I will reserve a few for readers who ask.
i'll invoice you, if you email me.