home and small things

using home as studio as livelihood is such a different concept 
than decor.
when i was teaching one secretary ran everything in the front office, 
from kids to announcements to parents to basketball questions
with grace and patience and no-nonsense when necessary,
she educated me in what that was.
i guess i didn't really know.
i live in a house (part time in two, actually) 
that gets things done in it.
i'm reminded of a quote dorothy sayers quoted: births and death and bridal nights
referring to beds and bedding.
for me it's the house, tables and kitchen stove...
i use it for making stuff. 
right now there's old black walnut dye being cooked down thicker 
for ink/mark making.
in the kitchen. 
in designated dyepots.
yesterday i found this:
well, almost this, 
it was full and the mold pudding thing on the top, about a half inch thick.
up close it smelled like, er, black walnut and mold. 

 i took it off carefully and 
placed it on a piece of paper to make a print
 printing process.
(i posted this on instagram and folks thought it was a muffin, 
which tickles me)
 the resulting print and the books i'm working with right now.
 here's the black walnut cooking down 
and some flax sheets, 
painted with pigment and me overdyeing first with walnut
(not very strong)
and with whatever else I make. we'll see.
i'll make them richer and deeper and stronger and then size them.
 it's the aftermath of bringing home new learning and integrating it into practice 
and knowledge that is fascinating.
my summer paper and book arts class at SLU didn't fill, 
so I have an almost free month.
except for a toronto trip and dog minding on a long weekend.
flax is on the way and here I go.
and i, 
who have eschewed "on-line learning" for all time
am *thinking* about this one with sarah.
there are some things i need to learn.
probably MANY things.
PBIers in my classes will recognize my aversion to *fucking fringe*.
I only want fringe once in a while.
mostly not, 
especially when shifu is being a page or a page spread.
so i may do this to learn better methodology. 
wishing it started tomorrow!