PBI, the first bit

i'm back home.
it was fabulous.
this sculpture lives beside the path to the paper studio.
 and here's the lagoon where OxBow lives 
 the leaves emerged while we were there,
 (so did the ticks)
 i had limited class time
three hours for each of two classes for four days.
 fortunately this crowd is very skilled
even if they're not spinners and weavers.
 the paper studio was our base,
and we made kami-ito and flax paper on day one.

 at the back sink is the whirlwind of energy called Andrea Peterson.
Andrea runs the paper studio here at Ox Bow 
and was pure pleasure to work with, 
anticipating and planning and being a huge help.
(and she hauls the heavy stuff of papermaking around seemingly tirelessly)

 one of the scholarship students Reilly
brought an analytical-sciency type mind to the class
and with Andrea and I we discovered interesting coloring capabilities
combining kakishibu and black walnut.
 behind Debbie is the wonderful table Andrea and OxBovinians made
for hand beating fiber.
It worked fab for pre-spinning our kami-ito.
 Spinning happened at night in the cabins.
Here's Mary, Julie and Heather
 Giselle's footwear, and spinning kami-ito with a nifty and economical Louet spindle.
 cut up
 in a short time frame like this I demonstrate proper attachment, 
but sanction knot tying.
because we need to keep moving forward.

 some original loom construction occurred 

 all the while during days one and two we made flax paper,
me saying make thick sheets and they making thin sheets.
Andrea keeps the drying system working.
 flax papers
 it was chilly the whole time, 
but not unbearabe. 
and when it became challenging,
we found a warm place, a fire, a heater or a sleeping bag to refire the faint body.
Heather added in some lovely green paper (and today I can't remember its name)
 Celia had fine skills, a love of textiles, and the best clothes.
 grabbing some sunshine
 Mary's swatch
 she knitted with these needles after knitting with my long weaving needles first.
 kaki on kami-ito
dyeing by Reilly
 do you see this?
 holey indigo flax paper
 painting with black walnut
 record keeping
 "friendship bracelet" of another kind
 other textile treatments

 swatches and sampling

 one of my two Toronto-based students James spinning on the bobbin winder
Celeste's diamond
(always keep a diamond in your mind)
an innovative structure for showcasing kami-ito 
 and the big show and tell night
 rock stars all.

 well, i'm exhausted. 
the four days ended and then I had my chance as student in Mary Hark's class.
that will be the next post.