time was and passes

time passes
there are things that remind you of what it was like to be another you.
this photo of two impossibly beautiful young outlaws.
do you remember this story? raindrops keep falling on my head?
lost along with a whole bunch of other things.
there was a west that never existed, 
as well, i suppose, as an east.
 what does the mama snapper think?
she has other things on her mind.
 stay away, you
 stay away
so i did.
i don't even know if she laid eggs.
there have been very few snappers along the roads here this 
 at the grocers i found an australian friend
though not the tasty one i like.
 spotted in the garage.
i am speechless.
all of you my friends,
this paper,
folded here prior to cutting for spinning
 this is a beautiful kozo
handmade, lovely and strong and a gift.
any of you who read this
and gave me this wonderful paper,
will you please let me know?
(i'm thanking you now, again)
it was a gift, 
and it was smallish (maybe 14 x 20 or smaller)
and i want to buy more.
but dammit i can't remember who gave me it.
 in town i bought pizza the other evening
 it was very good.
i found a little drama, 
an egg, 
and found by a fly
 who waits, 
i guess.
 there's no such thing as 
free lunch.
beauty is, however, free.
  this pattern charmed me today, 
as i walked to the studio to finish sheet forming another 3 pounds 
of flax.
i need to have my hands making paper,
or thread,
or books.
soon my first born will be 
older than the men in the first photo.
how can that be?
after a long and busy day,
i think on the blessings of turtles who know their business,
of beautiful paper
now in the drying stack.
i think of the few plants i tend in my little gardens
and of the new garden i've begun
at the place i call Home.
i think of the garden of friends i've made through the blessing
of this medium.
and i am, indeed, grateful.
i was wrong. my son is a wee bit older than sundance, 
a lot younger than butch in this photo.
his birthday is coming up, so that's on my mind!