the elders speak

it feels like tired summer, 
the cicadas and crickets chorus their endsong: 
the elders are listening. 
maurice kenney wrote this
he said at a reading that he wrote this before his morning coffee.
i think i've loved bear since reading this.
i saw a bear lumber quickly across the road where i walk
behind my place last summer.
is summer this bear?
this bear
by Judy Serebrin
is beautiful, 
having landed in my arms today.
below is what might have been
 wild plum fruit leather
sadly not successful.
below is today's table
full of grace
from fiona dempster and barry smith
reminding me to celebrate world day of peace
september 21.
i will share this message with my new class, 
six of whom i met on wednesday.
 judy martin's poem
pigments from heidi in washington
 and below
milkweed in aimee's book
 and what am i working on?
(besides syllabus and lesson plans and dyeing and spinning and foraging and observing miracles like wild plums growing here?)
 a new edition
covered with bark cloth, 
linen thread text.
 this is the dummy where i work out the kinks.
 hopefully it will be done soon.
happy week, 
and a beautiful beautiful moon to sleep under.