autumn is late and the golding of trees seems pale and unhappy.
virginia creeper and a few red maples have flamed up,
but it's a weird late fall
mirroring the weirdness in this country.
hard frost forecast for tonight.
so i continue making art
in my corner of the adirondack foothills
an act of hope.
these goofy buckets? 
prizes from horse shows in the 90's
 my students continue to amaze me.
the papermaking, and this week volvelles
and this one who took barry's peace piece
and wears it with deep pride.
Quin explained how he and another student enlarged the holes
just enough to lace through a thick leather cord.
another student, eli, 
is making custom moulds after lee mcdonald.
on the kitchen counter of alchemical delights
turmeric ink, and black eyed susan leaf dye
and in the shadows an ancient one
judy serebrin's polar bear
guards the table that's not just for meals
and lovely ink from tim mclaughlin and shanna's rocks
a wee stack of indigo flax papers 
a skein of petal-dyed yarn.

to the right of these objects is a west window
that looks out on my back yard that decreases in size
 as the woods reaches in around the perimeter
 young deer learn that this place is a safe one
and they get used to me speaking
a little bit. 
i have always loved the ancient south american textiles
perhaps they mirror a politic as vicious as ours is now.
where our deepest language reveals our acceptance of 
injustice and misogyny.
when i look at these pieces
i don't try to understand much about their place in space and time, 
that's the work of the good scholars, not me,
i look at the color, the design, the weave/craft of the making
imagining what the whole cloth might have been like and how precious it must have been,
the many hours in the making,
their power and art.
these thoughts sustain me.
when i can turn my mind from the worldly worries.
from the very great hedi kyle to all of us who fold paper into books and things:
it's out!
elissa showcased projects from this book and i have been a little envious of her.
also, i admire her like heck as she's blogged about the book 
while caring for her wee daughter.
i had a weekend workshop with the amazing hedi at syracuse university 
several years ago. 
she was a clear and kind teacher, 
generous with her huge understanding of the book arts.
if you're not familiar with hedi,
know that she is one of the greats 
who has taken the arts of the book to new places with her curiosity and work.
i had taken a stack of my papers for the weekend,
and hedi honored me by buying a bunch. 
modern weavers making a scaffolded warp...
keeps me thinking.