serial photography/cereal photography

wrapping paper, hangi, from aimee became one long strip
soy beans added to help keep paper from sticking to itself
after the spinning and most beans were removed...
and the spun thread
kami-ito ready for north country shifu
a night prowler
yes, it's a bobcat.
m's seen this one or its relative, up close, too close, and personal.
buckthorn berries
harvest from my yard
retired the potato masher to the dye kitchen
the froth settled
the cook begins
draining through a paint strainer
borrowed from the paper mill
the liquor

why cereal photography?
the top bowl is from east fork pottery and is their cereal bowl.
the bottom bowl is a pyrex (vintage same as the potato masher) mixing bowl
the cereal bowl my once teenage nephew used to use.