thanksgiving everyday inventory

backyard bounty and beauty
bleak and verdant
backporch hiding
 backporch assemblage
 backporch uprootedupsidedown
 backporch harvest:
 birds' nests, mouse nest and feather
backporch road find
 work clothes
inadvertent advertising
 gather, bundle, cook, rinse, dry, use
i woke to gray
which means snow.
the showers turn up and down
but not much snow is expected today.
recent inadvertent sitings:
a bald eagle lifting into the sky 
an ermine making crazy running around over and across the road
a gathering of ruffed grouse hensin one of the grandmother maples
budding (eating maple buds).
despite all the hoopla all over the place
it's a time to say thank you
to my children
family, friends, blog readers and internet friends
the folks who have purchased my work
papers and shifu and books.