time and news

some teaching news and below more news from here:
 in June i'll be teaching botanical contact (boco) prints for the NEGBW.
boco prints in Idaho earlier in the spring is not quite, but almost, confirmed
august will find me TAing for the amazing Christine Mauersburger at Haystack.
and next fall a book arts class at SLU.
may 2020 i'll be teaching north country shifu at the amazing Maiwa in Vancouver.
found buffalo jasper fetish
isn't she sweet?
some wonderful colors on paper recently
as i prep for:
(drum roll) 
wake robin is traveling west in february for CODEX.
it's the big time for this country mouse.
San Francisco!
prints and sampling
it's an early winter
so far ❅ who knows these days ❅
and my birthday tomorrow.
my sweetie bought me a gift:
just look at the box!
and i've oiled her up and been making some marks on paper
creamy arches text wove, 
grassy green cave paper,
and helen heibert's crinkly magenta abaca long beat
gifts from the land--
the last of the calendula
and still it remains
beyond beautiful.
when the sun shines
and the little ones go for a watery frolic
and we wait
for the winter's ease and reflection
snowy and sunny, but mostly overcast so far.