before Codex, briefly

the weather
 is all the news here, 
constant temp swings (60 degrees in a little over 24 hours!)
and today warning like crazy...
it's winter.
i   hope i can get to syracuse to catch the plane to get to san francisco for Codex
with no snow to deal with along rt. 81, the snow belt. 
maybe i should make a magic gut parka 
(and below wonderful needles 
pre-historic and beautiful.
from all over the world
we were stitching.)
shift back to now-- 
here's the stump loom with one of my own deer bone folders
doing double duty as shed stick.
this is the stump loom i wove the pages on.
for this book 
here is the interior of a one of my new shifu books.
 made from old kozo ledger pages from japan.
 this was a precious gift
and the final book, 
3 x 6 x 1/2 in
i'm in a rush, 
and hoping that if you're coming to Codex, 
you'll stop and visit me at table #190.Cod