squeaky up the road, there*

mysterious canine prints going up my driveway
probably coyote
looking out the early morning kitchen window
seeing four new boulders

yep, later on i found evidence:
bed and there were other things...
using shanna weights to hold down the silk for my book
thousands of stitches
see the bottom leather, that turquoise?
colors on the back-of-the-house-fix.
hemlock board.
great soft color
the dummy 
and two more books in the works
have you ever tried to get colors to behave with a stupid camera?
the hemstitched borders are all taupe/grey. 
not lavender.
no matter how much i tweaked the color, hue, brightness, tone, value... 
i couldn't come close.
but this book is coming along.
there should and edition of three when I'm all done.
this is the original triple woven silk.
you can see where the three layers are snagged together.
see the pattern dimples?
keeping it all straight:
dye on the back burner,
'soupper' on the front. 
bookish came to my house.
 these little stitched images are judith's iconography

and todd brought me his wild grape (fox grape) ink in the world's best bottle.
since these photos we have had real winter settle in.
a foot of snow and deep cold, under zero, but not below minus 10.
it is pretty 'sharp', 
and breathing outside hurt this morning.
* a friend quoted, referring to one of my neighbors.