post Codex

leaving for Codex in the window between storms was wise,
and staying overnight in Syracuse, also wise,
because the trip was almost seamless. 
only two hours late.
then, arrived and disoriented, 
i found my daughter hannah
and we made out way to the inn, 
on BART in very heavy rain.
 sunny and clear sunday we set up and then...
 into the chaos of the BIG EVENT.
 showing Daylilies and Songbirds was fun,
and it may have a new home 
(at least it was requested)
Anne, smiling 
 there were a few scarves, 
which i often bring along because they echo the contact printed papers,
and almost sold out.
i was glad that down jacket came along
 there were eucalyptus leaves
  being sometimes outside was a blessing, 
 zen moments 
as caliban mark promised
 inside the craneway it was like this:
just before they came, the big crowd took a while to filter to our end of things.
 to our right was anne covell
and left a table shared by jan owen and ellen knudsen
all rock stars.
anne's table
 the building itself was lovely to be in
 gigantic hagrid doors
we had weather all right,
heavy rain, 
sunshine and cold, 
heavy hail and slippery underfoot
the ocean was a big presence, 
green and blue and gray and heavy
i didn't ask 
but i wondered
 i came home and rested for a few days
this arrived 
from aimee 
and i was. 
 so many wonderful people:
thanks especially to 
Codex Dina, who made it happen
Hannah, who more than helped.
Alisa, who fed us, body and soul
Linda, the best of papermates
my tablemates, Anne, Ellen and Jan
Shanna and Andrea and Mary
and Mark who was astonished that i actually did it.
to my inspirations all
and M who kept the home fires burning.