time and change in balance

i have put my name on a piece of paper~
a purchase agreement
selling my oldfarmhouse
and moving to the place i've been calling home, if all goes to plan.
this weekend, a warmer (relatively) night
the first night i've heard a welcome home timberdoodle
winging circles overhead.
also my first robin.
spring happenings hereabouts. 
here is my little beaver essay
a small black dot
 middle rear ground, just in front of the ice
moves left, becoming a log shape,
swims to center then left again
before coming close to me on the bridge, 
then swimming away.
not one tail smack, 
so this beaver wasn't worried about me.

and in the last photo it's heading towards me
standing on the bridge taking rotten quality phone photos

 this place moves me deeply
 and then i looked up!
 back down
 the next morning was cold and sunny

ice skirting streamside treetrunks
 i drive this road home to the farm
 where i found more springing
 and then a worm moon
 see the nest?
there's a ring around the moon
 and this is the best my little camera can do
hannah is moving me from blogger, with whom i have struggled
back to squarespace where my website lives
sometime this weekend.
fingers crossed i can adjust and we can converse on the blog
because blogger won't let me talk with you.