autumn colors

these two are the spread out edition for Hand Papermaking
genevieve lapp made the paper, i printed.
so much variety 
so many hours of printing.
152 papers here
(there are a few left over "in case" and a few duds).
 the porch helped me manage all of the chaos of printing.
 and after it all was done
sent to and received by tom bannister,
i bundled up a silk scarf.
 i also continued making lokta kami-ito 
for another project.
an article about shifu.
 the st lawrence county arts council
emailed they had some bookbinding material 
for me.
one thing i could not decipher 
was this jar of pink crystalized stuff.
peter verheyan said to dump it.
it smelled like my old elementary school
and erasers.
 this is my favorite of the found leaves so far this autumn
 and i collected some spent late daylilies
and printed with these
and these
a fine gift from my internet friend
gin petty
who sent them to me to test in contact printing.
 and here are the results 
the bronze leaves are tupelo.
 and today
 i'm writing an article,
a joyful task because it's heart work, 
that 's been brewing for some time
i have 5000 words that must
whittle down to 3000.
edit edit edit.
(yes, that does sound like a frog)
october 1.