day lilies and song birds

this is well underway now,
filled with one signature of eight pages
pages that have fold-outs and add-ons and prints and stitches and words...
i'm not done, but the structure is there 
and the lilies and birds are, too.
it's a record of this summer of deep peace
of joy in change.
and a wee bit of fear, as in respect, too.
mostly, though, it's a journal of content.
 the changes here
are brilliant
 and at the new place called home
 view from the little big room.
the pond is a stream now,
almost all dried up.
 in yesterday's mail, 
sweet tiny dress card from aimee
yesterday i went out
in the rain, 
in boots and hat
gathering printing plants.
i came in and made three large pieces
all finished up and in the press.
just in case of ticks
i showered and shampooed and did the thorough check.
remember the hat?
well, my hair is sometimes more out of control than i know...
and this was what remained:
a coil of long curls
a leaf and
a worm.

a mouse story

when you teach at the morgan
they ask you to supply a sample
something for their table that exemplifies 
your work or what the workshop
will offer.

fair enough.
 so when i went into my library to get a stamp
to mail my bit to aimee 
at the morgan.
this is what accosted my eyes at 6:45 a.m.
 this is my stationary drawer
about 12 x 16
it had been 
 appropriated for a nest
 while i was away.
i open this drawer quite frequently, 
since stamps live here
as well as envelopes.
 i was puzzled by the bright threads
until i examined the rug in my kitchen
woven by the amazing susanne arens
and much used and loved by me.
and now nibbled by a mouse momma to be
 she also shredded only handmade paper bits
from my stash.
the favorite was from 
the yahoo papermakers
stationary swatch swap from long ago.
this was how the fringe looked after the last wash 
(i had cut it down over the years
from a generous six to three inches).
farmhouse living is definitely
NOT for the faint of heart.