books and porcupines

i often think in walks and 
in books as walks…
these thoughts in particular, 
were ignited by alisa golden
maybe because i often walk in places that are deeply connected to land (not disconnected by concrete and asphalt) and are therefore punctuated by plants and animals and their relationships…at lunch a few minutes ago a porcupine made a zipper trail across my yard (from the woods behind the barn) to the arbor vitae near the road…that path is a tale of a limping sticky bear…what words does it think in, with?

what stories to tell?
what wisdom…or not
why take a journey across the plain of the yard
to the white cedar?

that trail is completely tell tale
and yet who, i ask you, who
is going to mess with this one?
a dog, probably, but what other yard visitor?
this one knows the way
to a penthouse lunch
and then home into brambly brush 
and then

delving deeper

wendy came right over and put her head on jean's bojagi
and did not want to leave
i had to twist around to show you this a bit better. 
when it arrived in my mailbox,
it was quite hot
and it smelled like the dyes, 
the essence of jean's weaving, 
i buried my face in it before the heat faded.
this is the second stump loom
cut from recycled barn wood from 
his old dairy barn
that was recycled first 
as a porch.
sustainability in action.
i have been exploring alisa golden's nifty structure:
created by her husband
who is not a book artist
(wonderful, that)
and have a new idea
we'll see if it can work into something 
where it goes
when a new way of doing a beloved task emerges, 
so much potential
my head is zinging 
there are still some lokta squares available
should you care to have your own
(see the prior post)