i can safely say there is some bliss happening
each day i wake to the sound of birdsong
and some nights i go to sleep to the sounds of...
coyotes singing in the background as
a startled deer snorts
a gray fox
yodeling away with some firmness
i think she's a mama doing her best for her brood
and then
a very very angry raccoon
snarling and scritching for some time
probably has something to do with the gray fox and my empty barn.

once the convicts were found
the most local color took over.

and then there are the wildflowers...
a rich wet and cool spring has brought them on
in a way i can't remember!

and there is news:

the site is alive and kicking and the brochure is out,
the classes will fill up with some urgency
if i remember right from last time.
go over and take a look!
we work and work,
caliban press and me,
towards completion.
the map-fold book is done,
but some need a little stitching,
as per plan,
and the envelopes aren't complete yet
but it's almost done.
saturday i leave for my class 
am i excited?
you bet!


pairs everywhere
 tonight's walk
these geese are in a different meadow

 baby sugar maples
all along the roadside and in my yard
the reward for walking
 killdeer playing keep away
 one nest box is empty
and it wasn't last week.
the other
not a bluebird

this morning
relocation project number 
chipmunk, again.

boro overalls
my sweetie keeps his work clothes
the four days are almost over.
it was very good.
tuesday morning update: