crane blessing

this morning a student brought in 
chocolate chip cookies.
for the class.
i ate one, 
and my temporary crown
fell off.
two teeth disintegrating lately.
but this one was an easy fix.
so i left school to drive 20 minutes through 
amish farm country.
in a field cleared of corn stalks
i saw a wonder.
i couldn't believe my eyes...
great blue herons or green herons or bitterns don't behave 
like this.
 a pair of sandhill cranes.
in june my nephew and i 
saw five of them fly over
a couple miles from here.
but today they were foraging and striding about
as though it was an everyday occurrence
and they had been hanging out here for years.
they were in that cornfield at least an hour.
i saw them on both trips.
i'll keep watch for this marvel! 
i think that you my friends who blog
aren't hearing from me
not because i'm not there, reading and thinking about your posts,
but because the blogger chain
has split a link.
my comments to you aren't showing.
i am still reading. 
and i still comment...i don't know how to fix this.