in this bleak 
weird winter
 vision shifts
 i search for red
my foil for sadness
what or who
has collected
 in anticipation of
slim pickings
a touch of blue and red
 the road seems to wait for winter
which is playing games 
for sure
 vision shifts
  wild vine
still has a few 
just blue

blue play

indigo is all kinds of blue
 i stated a little jug.
i am not so good at keeping close to instructions,
after several days...
 morning and blue
 (this is what i did:
i put fresh indigo leaves in a jar,
filled it with water
and let it be for a few days)
and not much happened
 i pulled out the cloth 
a silk wool mix and a shifu square 
once in a while
and one night i poured in the rest of my
supper libation, dos equis,
onto the slightly tinted fabric
 and a day or two more,
and a pretty big stink, too
there was a fine, light blue.
do not follow my lead
but do take a risk sometime-
 risk of failure is nothing much, really.