a friend, a photo, a quest, some papers

my daughter hannah took this photo
me at the book arts bazaar.
she says i look happy!
today my friend catherine came to mind
you know how that is--
so i went over to her blog
and she'd posted twice after a long hiatus
(while she went to school).
and she has some poems you might like to check out.
i love what she's been doing!
this morning
i watched the pesky chipmunk
who lives too close.
it took the bait
peanut butter.
so i took chipmunk in the have-a-heart trap
in the driving rain
to a new home on the kip tract.
fare well.
i worked on some new prints yesterday
as well as beginning excavations
on the work table.
spring fever.
as the temperature drops
approximately 30 degrees today.
several pages went brown and blue 
an idea brewing.