nothing much... say. 
this just appeared.
no kidding.
i am working,
pulled out a cutting mat, set it up, 
and there it was.
 i wanted to show you my new journal
 and the bag i put it in
 and on the other side of the table i saw this
 there are a four circle sheets from st. armond
 and this amazing journal
mohawk superfine pages, 
case paper cover
 seeing, sometimes it's so rich
even the dishes
 touching, sometimes
 learning, in this case to use flash 
to capture the fugitive greens
 oh, the endbands
do you make endbands?
i can't wait to use this
almost everytime i go someplace,
start something new, 
beads appear.
blue oatmeal story, because i was asked.
i was a student, dyeing at home on old sheeting
with rit dyes, layering color, shibori when it was tie dye,
subtle when subtle was OUT.
aluminum pan for cooking the dyeing cloth
(you can see where this is going)
in the morning i made oatmeal
served it.
bleary eyed, not believing, i realized the truth about NOT 
dyeing in kitchen pots.
rit blue oatmeal.
poison, maybe. i learned my lesson.

dazzled and jazzed

this is how it is for me now
even the beginning of school didn't dampen
my high spirits

part of the kyle and sally hartman's 
on a different route home 
"until next time, 
remember to fight blue-sky thinking wherever you find it, 
and to always live life with your head in the clouds."
gavin pretor-pinney 
the cloud appreciation society