strawberries and lettuce

 one of the magical things
about being artist in residence 
 is how fine things are.
simple, thoughtful.
this place is thoughtful, even
it feels like it breathes easy.
 but more,
when i arrived,
discombobulated from 14+ 
 hours of traveling
i was greeted
 by susan's mindfulness
 in the refrigerator
were strawberries and lettuce.
berries sweeter than sweet
tiny, old fashioned ones,
and a head of lettuce.
susan told me the varieties,
 but i was so sleepy i forget their names.
she had picked, washed, and prepared them
for me. 
there were other good things to eat
including a very special honey yogurt.
 i met with the arts council here
and had a lovely dinner
good conversation,
and was gifted with a travel stipend
to my happy surprise.
tomorrow is the arts walk
and i'll set up a little table to greet my new neighbors.
 susan's husband richard cabe
who died from brain cancer over a year ago,
is a happy presence here

 richard and susan breathed life into this old building
a shop/studio that is pleasant to work in
 not pretty or perfect, 
but beautiful
in the everydayness of the place
which is why i love being here.
 i've only wandered off once so far
and found a pelican
who knew my only photo was so pathetic
this is a rock book
one of five i made a while back
that richard liked
this photo surfaced as i was thinking about him
and this legacy of terraphilia
and susan, my incredible host.
i'm liking the contrast of visiting the high desert,
but yesterday's 105 temperature
was, by susan's measure and mine,
a bit much.