a gift

i am a person who loves to give gifts
(as well as receive them)
i'm also a person who forgets things, special dates, etc.
(dates are numbers, numbers are slippery for me) 
this can be a problem, and i have been known to do odd things:
i have in my school bag a birthday card for a neighbor.
her birthday was around november 8th, more or less. see?
 a gift came to me this week
from pam
 whose shibori on paper astonished
and inspired me last summer
 well, these were wrapped up in cloth, 
walnut-dyed challis
 each one perfect.
 so i started playing
and playing and playing
 the cocoons have an affinity for each another
and hold on, hands-on, like hormonal teens
to one another!
 there is an amiable patterning
dancing across this page
 the brilliant white has been subdued
by pam's dyepots
 none of these photos were taken in good light
because all it does recently is snow
or threaten to snow
and it's winding into solstice. we are sun deprived.
so they began a new game on a morojifu folio,
 page from a book of secrets.