here in colorado

i put this little book together 
on saturday night,
 to remind me that i do make things.
 the pages are my papers, 
all roughed up and sewn up, too
the cover comes from melissa
 and then,
suddenly, i'm in another place
where the landscape goes all sideways
 but at terraphilia
 there's just a jumble of good 
 an early morning visitor
 on the mountain
 in the garden
this, THIS, i love.


all winter i have been ecoprinting.
on flax, 
 arches text wove, 
and on lokta

on shifu, textiles, and threads.
i've bound up a few books
and have the covers ready for an edition of 
dry garden.
i hope that while i travel out to colorado
for the terraphilia residency
to bring along my hortus siccus,
to explore what is a very dry garden, indeed.
i leave a week from today.
last night i visited the county jail
and a young man i know
and have new thoughts about how
we treat
those on the edges.
i wonder about edges, how rich they are
until you slip over
and get lost.
after terraphilia,
i will drive north to estes park
to visit my heart school
eagle rock school and professional development center
and teach a little workshop.
ian and hannah graduated from ers.
it's a place
for teenagers to get found,
not lost.
the last of the eucalyptus