(val brought a star)
we decided to throw a potluck
and invited a few friends.
(and some we know only a little bit.) 
this meant my dining table for four or so had to be augmented.
we added the library table 
and clothed them both in red cotton cloths.
put 10 chairs around.
my community looks like this
we sat down around 6:30 and five hours later said goodbyes.
hannah and i cleaned up. 
our meal:
root crop salad
black bean vegetarian chili
sauerkraut and a somewhat korean version
spinach/artichoke spread and wheat bread
chicken caccitore
roasted sweet potatoes 
various breads
wine and beer and tea and coffee
banana bread
rice and veggies
cookies and fresh yogurt
mourning dove outside my window
the faces and the conversation at the table were beautiful. 
the quiet ones spoke a little more, the talkers waited.
we had much to share.
old stories
new learning
a bit of art and politics and farming and woodsliving.
three librarians at the table. 
all booklovers. 
the eldest: 85, the youngest: 26.
there was an odd tiny snow