i learned a thing today
it was shocking
and so simple
whitetail deer eat lots of wood in winter.
bark, buds, twigs.
 this is a stomach 
full of fiber
 pulled away
out of the belly cavity
and the organs eaten
by coyotes
 the light was so flat
it's hard to see
this dramatic
 young creature
who is now keeping another creature
everybody eats somebody
close to here.
likely that yearling
drank from this pond.
at the new place
the place i will call home.

three down, one me

yep, there were several falls at the arena today, including me in the first 10 yards. 
umph! both knees have just come out of their first icings. a packet of frozen corn for my right, frozen flowers for the left. half of my freezer is dedicated to flowers, pulp, roots for papermaking and dyeing. the other half has food.
in a little bit of pain. only five students showed, three didn't come because they can't skate. two had conflicts and couldn't. one never showed.
we ask our students to take risks. it's interesting which students took the risk to come and skate. three pro staff took risks (all over 50). one paraprofessional didn't. we went to a restaurant for lunch and ordered off the menu, using budgeting skills they're learning in math. it was a good day. one more day and then break and hopefully (please to all the powers that be) we will be back in our school building.
update: knees are working fairly well this morning. icing helped.