virginia creeper was here last weekend
but the frost changed all this
in fact all these pictures are changed now
that's ok.
a place called home is making me happy
with a stash of cordwood 
and off the grid power.
those juneberries are naked now.
fall danced all around
 but this is now tan and purple and deep gold
this too, 
moving to darker now
 in the sun the clydesdales (now only four of them) 
are beautiful
 i found some tansy
blossoms couldn't stand up to the cold
inside some kami-ito waits on my walnut niddy noddy.
 and the last two books that still need stitches
are waiting, too.
 some paper on glennis' beautiful dyeing
 and i had a bit of stuff still to peel off
flax paper
after the first pressing.
and i wish i had my very own groomer
i think it might be a friendly thing
those of us who don't like too much touching, or talking
may like a little scratchy tongue 
just behind the ears...
or maybe not.
it's been a long week, it's not over,
but i will say a huge thank you to 
all of you who have trusted me
and purchased the map book.
there are some left still,
should you feel so inclined. 
so far some have made it to their new homes
with feedback
that makes me blush
and smile.
i hope the rest make it through with the postal service's care
safe and sound.
me, i'm exhausted by the rigors of eleven students.
which sounds ridiculous, i know.
i know.