quiet here.
really got it this time
cold/flu not too many sneezes, though.
everything hurts. thursday night was awful. 
as i make my lemon, ginger, honey brew
this is what i see. that butter?
for the toast.
deepest regret: can't ski.
really i can't!
i have done a bit of stitching.

just life

i had a flu bug of some sort yesterday, today i woke to a frigid (minus 10 degrees F). 
no more achiness, and no chills and fever. oddly i had no other symptoms. 
i was told today this has a name, that it is "in the area". 
go figure. 
night before last i was typing and my hands started to shake (chills) so badly 
i couldn't hit the keys! strange.
this afternoon:
 out the kitchen window, in plain sight of big birds, but close to the house
 wendy hates chipmunks
and they tease her 
i drove to potsdam for dog food 
and people food at the coop, and up on a hill i spotted these lovelies.
as we move into spring i looonnnnnng to ride.
that leopard appaloosa caught my eye.