barns and oats insurance

the elements are having their way with my barn
some boards still hold integrity, 
some not
next to my mare mist's old stall
lies some evidence of occupation
or at least of eating.
 hay mow diamonds
dazzle on these august days
 and i made a few summer prints
these colors softened some
from the morning light
 just enough for one book
 i went over to my classroom today
and found that the floors were newly waxed
i barefooted it to my room
and worked for 40 minutes
and slunk away
before the custodian found me.
 one amish farm's oats against the cold
  looking up
(ian spent some quality time with our old barn)
 and here
thinking of all the turmoil of the last few weeks.
now i am home
getting used to sleeping at the new place
while i live
in the old one.
it should feel weird, but it's ok.
 today i listened to some podcasts,
after rediscovering the one aimee did of me for
it was pretty fine
and i now know that
susan mills is doing a really great job.
susan was in my women's studio workshop class.
many thanks to all of you
for your kindnesses while i managed this challenging fortnight
 on the sidelines supporting my kids
through the loss of their father.
i let them know of all your kindnesses.
it matters.