i was grateful to see the sky shining bright as i drove home after school. 
the cloud bank was far enough south to not bring more snow. 
but it was windy and cold, beautiful.
a new arrival at my neighbor's. 
i saw two new calves. 
they tickle me, and all of the cows came over to see me. 
i had no goodies, but i told them they were very very beautiful.
my mailbox had a couple of surprises...
a note from a duck(!), 
and the catalog for the threads of feeling show. 
if only i could get to london to see this thing. 
indeed, the book must suffice!
 the latest hand/eye online has another wonderful article 
by wendy golden-levitt. 
you can see the hands of some of the children she works with, 
and some of the textiles that help them do their work.
and a shifu book.
some big snow.
the top three feet of the chimney came down in a huge ice storm in1998, i think.
brought down buy the grandfather maple that you can see the remains of. 
 a third of the tree became firewood last year.
 today it's crotch high.
i did walk into the yard, briefly, before i walked wendy.
the depth of snow is almost frightening without snowshoes on.
i have a feeling that this catalog will be a challenging thing to read.
but i will begin tonight. 


keith recker at handeye asked me to write a bit about my work, including my relationship with jungian therapist wendy golden-levitt. you can see the article over at handeye. you can also subscribe to the online and the real-paper-in-your-hands journal there. working with keith was easy, he asks lots of questions and of course answering each one becomes a story. i seem to be long in telling as well as long in tooth. you will of course see the amazing work of my friend aimee lee, who is also featured this week.
milkweed fiber
for all of the kind words and messages, thank you. sometimes what you make becomes bigger and more important than anything you can imagine. what could be more important than helping a child to heal? in a way, that's why i teach special education. (i also need a day job...) amazing that my work in wendy's practice becomes a conduit for healing.