my son ian put this 
drawing on facebook
he doesn't know i stole it away
to put over here.
he's some drawer for sure!
yes, my folks were from west virginia 
and ian, 
well he practically grew up in an old barn.
i returned from toronto late last night
after a thought-stimulating class.
more on that later on.

weekend stuff

aimee met hannah years ago, 
and now she's met ian.
all the way over in portland!
yes, he is tall; aimee is not short.
i love this picture!
and they had it made
just for me!
hugs to you both.
friday afternoon i taught the second
of two classes at st lawrence university's
sustainability semester
there's a lovely post here
and maybe a picture or two when 
i get to it!
i was very impressed with this
amazing group of students