once all the leaves
flew south for winter
i found a treasure
 seen out the studio window
the same day 
sunset came on
with applause and fanfare
 to the west
and to the east
later i decided to
go to an opening
i met the amazing andy and inga hamilton
and saw their installation
 a good artist's talk, like a conversation,
and wandered the gallery attentive to this 
positive thing going on.
and then i saw these: 
what you can't quite see is the tan paper i knew it was slippery elm
and the wings are pure aimee lee
yes, these are her birds
flown west and maybe north to visit
the paper she made here
so i met inga and andy,
 excitedly asked them about how they found aimee.
turns out they met in belfast when she was there
doing a residency last year.
we had a chat later on, and it also turns out
that the brush folks and melissa know ian,
that "kid from north russell" 
who does amazing drawings
my firstborn