a day of work/play

a breakfast fire alarm, complete with trucks and fire guys. i thought i was hearing cedar waxwings, then i realized the tempo was all wrong... lasted about 20 minutes i think.
the feet of one of book arts finest artists. guess who?!
the view out to sea from jasper beach where melissa and i went after supper. it's amazingly beautiful here, lots of jasper in the pebbles, which seem to have a life of their own. they sigh and chuckle and move in response to the waves and seem very much alive.
we both found a few rocks for weights for our binding studios, and for me lots of small rocks that just plain felt good in my hands. it was easy to be greedy in such plenty, and easy to leave treasures and only take home a few. it seems that at jasper, one just collects rocks. the atlantic was cold and fresh and salty and felt wonderful on my grumpy feet.

the heat/humidity here this summer is fierce, and i just don't feel as healthy as usual. so i'm not producing book art, but i am working on samples and learning more than a few things. this intense atmosphere is sometimes so huge that participants get swept up in it, and i am more reserved by nature. and already i am looking at the end of the week when i will drive back to my home town for my sister's memorial service. by next sunday i will enjoy a huge and quiet rest.  and just now, a loon flew over campus, calling. a blessing.