keith smith binding learned from cathy tedford, i added trade beads
we're all managing in the *alternative* location. i suppose since we're an *alternative* ed program in an *alternative* location, we are now an *alternative alternative* g.e.d. program???

the day wasn't without stress, and i did get (mouthed, not audible) sworn at (fucking bitch), but all in all we did ok. i went to our building to pick up materials and was not happy to see no workers cleaning up.
but i got everyone's (who is expecting to get mail from me) stuff mailed this afternoon. came home and crashed. no yoga. it's snowing again. 
i was taking pictures of some old journal pages and thought you might like to see some of what i record. 
few *real* drawings. mostly thoughts and wee samples.
this one i really, really like, a bit of twined milkweed (or dogbane), gold braided waxed linen, and my favorite, walnut dyed kozo *knitted* on a spool ginny.
weaving drafts, dyeing samples, silk, cotton, old household textile ads, climbing pants shibori, yellow, floss, white tape, line drawing