shifu at long ridge

i checked before i took to the highway yesterday:
no more dead kestrels.
i'm back in new hampshire
 at nancy and jack zeller's beautiful long ridge farm
this notification never ceases to amuse me!
and indicates i'm almost there.
three days devoted to playing with paper
spinning it into yarn, making a few marks,
and making textiles.
i am well taken care of here
and if the devil is in the details,
the zeller's are demons for sure!
it's raining cats and dogs today,
but that makes spinning paper a bit easier
so i am a happy teacher!


 a second kestrel
found this morning a bit later than yesterday
a bit more 
messed up
this feels like murder now.
not accident.
two kestrels, car collisions
same stretch of road.
this came after several days of finding
coyote scats all along here.
(looks like dog but is bursting with berry seeds.
i hear coyote chuckling.)
i'd rather dodge shit than face the deaths 
of these small fierce ones.