autumn stuff

see the geese?
and here i'm wearing hannah's beautiful sweater
(knitted twice)
she says i have to smile more
hannah visited for a few days,
after a marathon and a job interview
and a long drive
first to montpelier
then to the north country.
 she's addicted to yarn,
wool mostly.
she remembers fondly my little flock
of mostly brown sheep.
 after hannah went home
i used slu's paper mill
(zone 4 paper)
where i beat thistledown fiber first
and then linen canvas.
the linen clogged the beater
and while fixing melissa found this,
 large helping of old, 
oniionized pulp.
thick and light
a map of sorts of who'd been there.
 i brought home thistledown sheets
and put them into a jerry-rigged drying stack
 on the counter the thistledown 
(and that's all there is, no formation aid)
and here it is,
layered on fall prints
 and i finished off yesterday what i began 
on wednesday
 this edition of paper is exactly like it was when i made it 
without a beater, using only a blender.
a two sided sheet,
 extremely textured.
a decorative sheet, but pretty satisfying to use
north country fiber.


hannah winding using my old swift.
my daughter is an avid knitter. this is a lovely mohair and wool hat. 
 this is a sweater with her christmas yarn, a variegated deep teal.
 i wanted some wristies.
 so i bought her some black and off white wool
 i wanted a fun pair so i asked her to vary the solid color placements. the black and white stripes remind me of someone out there, jude. these are just plain fun. 
i like it that she likes to knit and i do not. 
sometimes i spin and she uses my yarn for a knitting project. it's a little bit sad that i no longer have sheep. but i may have them again in the future. 
who knows?