two kinds of skein

two kinds of skein
but i'm looking at milkweed
 my camera and me are limited
we focus on one thing
and then another shouts to us
but we become confused
full of wonder
 until i look up and see it:
 this lovely word, 
 is exactly what i've been seeing
for a long time
 in robert macfarlane's book 
about lost or disappearing words
related to landscape
 he mentions some new words
honeyfur, slogger, wolfsnow, sutering.
landskein is "the braid of blue horizon lines in hill country on a hazy day"
 the word was first spoken by "a painter in the hebrides"
and it is 
like hortus siccus
a word for a new body of work.
i am making landskeins in a landskein.
the work began and the word found me, beautiful.
 i am also finding seeds.
i'm guessing it's dogbane
but i need to check.
it arrived in my living room
and took up residence on my warp.
 a new flower for me--
still looking this one up
but notice it has those odd stems
 tiny and bold.
 i have been in a struggle with emotion and exhaustion,
 the weeping of spent daylily blossoms
has properties i've tried to catch
 on spun lokta
another landskein.
and today,
another pot of contact prints.