in the ecotone

in the ecotone 
 before class i took a walk around beautiful silks
this grid construction
struck me as woven
some insects for the melbourne winter
 signage to keep us found
 the spinners, 
making inroads with spindles, lokta, the bobbin winder
 a long skinny table
spinning in the dye kitchen
 the name tags are for me
 naomi, from the shop,
spins away
this is one focused 
and hard working group.
origami books and spinning
day one

delving deeper

wendy came right over and put her head on jean's bojagi
and did not want to leave
i had to twist around to show you this a bit better. 
when it arrived in my mailbox,
it was quite hot
and it smelled like the dyes, 
the essence of jean's weaving, 
i buried my face in it before the heat faded.
this is the second stump loom
cut from recycled barn wood from 
his old dairy barn
that was recycled first 
as a porch.
sustainability in action.
i have been exploring alisa golden's nifty structure:
created by her husband
who is not a book artist
(wonderful, that)
and have a new idea
we'll see if it can work into something 
where it goes
when a new way of doing a beloved task emerges, 
so much potential
my head is zinging 
there are still some lokta squares available
should you care to have your own
(see the prior post)