snow day

wednesday evening sky over the meadow
thursday started out rough
not nearly enough sleep
wendy has some hard nights
and then so do i
 but on thanksgiving
we went out to the meadow
 and played
wendy, melissa, and me
 we gathered up some milkweed
stripped up a bunch while wendy played
can this be called spalted?
it was a glorious time 
before a small meal with just four of us
family and friends
simple food, wine, and conversation
we stayed up talking to all hours
melissa and i
and after a wonderful morning of talk and tea and more talk 
she took to the road for cleveland
unfortunately she encountered lake effect snow 
along the way.
which made its way to the north country today
a reminder 
of a bundle of cloth
and one of paper
we prepared and jarred up 
to be opened in a while
back in chicago.
and here in the north country
a gray day, but it looks like winter
has arrived.


that's me. another prescription. it's in my ears, mostly, again. lost meaning, lost words, but feeling happy, just sick. again. not complaining, just tired of my ornery sinuses.
i've been looking at surfaces because of melissa. looking at the surface itself, not what it will become or was once, but is now. this barrel has been the base of a lot of wrapped cloth for rust and compost dyeing. now, it's a weird blue and orangish. i will keep looking, since only my sinuses are (currently) impaired.