the here news

an email came: one of the hooligans got her GED. i get tell the world. way to go, case! am i EVER proud of you!
ah, the weirdness of mirrors. this photo was taken by me, mirrored. the word "clothbound" which i love is therefore backwards. sigh. indicative. anyway, i found this shirt via elissa and just had to have one. it's perfect for a cheesy sort and someone who is a textile and book artist. so, here i am. clothbound.
having emailed several post-pbiers we are all in withdrawal to some degree or other. melissa got right on with traveling and teaching, so did emily and tatiana. don't know how they do it!
isn't she just lovely? carol sent me a little piece she wrote about printing. how those letterpress people love white space on pages, something most of us don't think about unless the type design is ugly. anyway, i love this duck mermaid quite foolishly. (for mermaid love is doomed, i know)
these three skeins of lokta were dyed with indigo and kihada (a bark). many of the traditional japanese paper dyeing methods that i learned in tatiana's class are applicable to my dye work, and will help me to begin more paper dyeing with local dyestuffs. i am now trying to sort through my notes, samples, finished pieces...all to better understand the learning from pbi. i am also now able to get my paper mill working, my plumbing woes are over! my friend took it upon himself to save me from the vagaries of scott the plumber. so i have running water and hot water once again in my mill. time to clean!