falling into fall

it's hard to tell from this
but fall is peeping round the corner
the prints again have sumac berries
now becoming popular!
and the beavers have built another dam
and just before the full moon 
there was a miracle
which my camera couldn't photograph
this whole path, 
from the moon and above and across in cruciform arcs
a huge slide from the sky fell down through the heavens into the meadow
and landed just below and to the left of where i took this photo.
out my window at the new place.
it was like a huge cloud slide, looking solid, shimmering, maybe
the spot where the woman fell from the sky
or the sky people travelled down?
it was an amazing sight, i thought i'd flipped a wee bit.
i've been pulling together old work, finishing it off
and as usual making some thread for shifu
looking at the pondweeds, too, their patterns and danceing bits.
i've finished the envelopes for the edition
i will write more about this soon.
and i laugh everytime i see this,
of course it's closed, silly.
there's a sign not 20 feet from this on the other side
in the brush.
daisy fleabane and goldenrod 
hold up the sunset
for a little while
and i toy with trying to capture the feeling of this land
this incredible place.
goldenrod and asters dance
their virgo clumps.
for my hannah's 30th birthday.
the mundane grounds me-
i find cloth scraps in my driveway all the time!
lovely and tattered
and here's the last lokta i spun before school starts
makes me happy
i need it to remind me
that happiness hangs sometimes by the thinnest thread
but still it holds 
woven together.

around the place...

...i'll know that fall is here
 recent prints
  summer holdouts in my neighbor's garden
 softer color this fall
 moonrise and sunset on wednesday
and now the moon is really big

 old mystery full of books
 this fall and last fall color studies
genevieve sent me my studies from asao's class
 and a new book
 half sendack
 half blake it seems
wholly amazing.