subtle color, wild texture

tangled horizon
this time of year color shocks, brilliant red osier, ochre corn spilled on dark chocolate soil with kozo paper stubble behind. tonight's full moon is deeply veiled, but not last night's.
flat light. you have to visually dig deep to see the reds and purples and brilliant greens. they're there.
and so is brittle ice, frozen in the wind.
how did this end up in the road? see the pebble weighing it down? why? it's not been good weather for snakes for a long time.
today the starkness overwhelmed me. then i remembered last night's almost full moon. i came home from wendy's walk to a growling chainsaw and a little load of wood. good work, better than mowing lawns any day.

i have been trying to make a blurb book. will report when i have success. see how determined i am? blurb appears to be easy. we'll see!