reuse, repurpose, recycle, harvest

these "shibori" scraps are actually gussets from two pair of old gramicci cotton climbing pants. and here's the small coptic bound blank book i made from the "shibori" waistline of one pair. 
pages of mohawk superfine. linen threads, davy board. about 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 in.

bloodroot, puccoon, sanguinaria canadensis 
freshly broken and "bleeding"
freshly washed and waiting for action

waiting. this is actually quite a modest harvest. i have a hard time digging up this beautiful plant. perhaps because i know that this will kill the plant. i know better, if there is some rhizome left underground, it may regenerate.

i haven't got much energy at the end of this day, after yoga and walking wendy. we did see louise and family out back this evening. 
naturally dyed lokta and kozo, rust, black raspberry, and indigo on shifu (cotton and lokta) textile. i will try bloodroot on some spun paper, as well as cloth.
while this kind of inspiration is kicking around in my imagination. vellum books in arabic, in a leather case. from the inspirational gary frost's future of the book site